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Man Tired of Seeing Off and Receiving Friends At Addis Airport

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Ethiopian Man Says He Is Tired of

Seeing Off And Receiving Friends

At Bole Airport

By WT  (CHEWATA’s Reporter in Addis Ababa)


A man named Ashagre Mulatu in Addis Ababa, also known by his nick name as “Gash Airport”, says that he is sick and tired of seeing off friends who travel abroad and receiving others who come to visit from various countries at Bole airport and says, for once, he wants to be on the other side of “Yeshegniwoch Mesmer” at the airport.

Ashagre, according to our reporter who interviewed several people that know him well, has tried to get a visa to travel to so many countries, but always comes up short.  A very close friend of his told CHEWATA, “Ashagre yetewoldedew beka guadegnochun lemeshegnet ena lemekebel bicha new !”

boleShegniChewata1Mr. Ashagre says almost all of his close friends and most family members have traveled abroad on one type of visa or another and he, on the other hand, has tried to go abroad and see life as  an immigrant but all his attempts of getting a visa had been denied by the various foreign embassies in Addis.  ” I have tried to get a student visa, immigrant visa, non-immigrant visa, professional visa, poor people’s visa, invitation (meshewoja) visa…all denied.  Just recently I desperately tried to get  a male-maid visa to Dubai and to my surprise that was also denied, ” he bitterly told CHEWATA.   “Beka sew eyeshegnehu ena eyetekeblku arjeche lemot new?”

An immigration expert CHEWATA talked to at Addis Ababa’s Immigrant and Migrant Institute, Ato Mehari Chekol, said Ato Ashagre should try his visa luck first with nearby and smaller countries.  “He should try Djibouti first,” he said angrily.  “I have seen his record and he has been trying to get  a visa to the United States 35 times and to Australia 27 times just this year alone!  These economic power house countries are not just going to grant their visas to any old joe whose proven profession is Chat Eyekamu Bole Sew Meshegnet!

A friend of Ashagre, who asked that his name be hidden for this report said, ” Yene Ashagre Serategnam bekedem wode Dubai visa agegneta letehedilet new. Esuwanem yaw bole hedo shegneto yemelesatal!”

Despite his many set backs, Ashagre says he will not give up trying to get a visa to any country abroad because, as he put it, “I am tired of being the last  sad face my friends see as they disappear with other passengers at bole airport and being the first eager face they see when they arrive at Bole Airport from abroad!”


Betty of “Big Brother Africa” gives exclusive interview to CHEWATA

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Betty of “Big Brother Africa” gives exclusive interview to CHEWATA

‘አገሬን በደግነት ለማስጠራት ያደረኩትን ነገር እንደማበረታታት ማጥላላቱ አግባብ አይደለም !!’

Says All She Did Was To Make Ethiopia Famous "From Another Angle", 
and Adds "ኡኡፍ ተረዱኛ !!!"


By WT, CHEWATA’s reporter in Johannesburg, South Africa

Copyright Ethiopis.com and CHEWATA 2013

The Ethiopian girl who quickly became famous for her role in a TV show in South Africa (“Big Brother Africa”) says
“ማንም ሊረዳኝ አልቻለም” in an exclusive interview she gave to CHEWATA and Ethiopis.com from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Asked by our reporter why she was willing to expose something that Ethiopians are not willing to do in public, she responded,
” I did it to make my country famous.  Kenenisa and Haile Gebreselass did it on the track field, Ethiopian Airlines is doing it in the air.
እኔ ደግሞ አልጋ ላይ !!   ቦልት እንኩዋን “ኢትዮጲያውያን እንዲህ ደግ መሆናችሁን አላውቅም ነበር” ነው ያለኝ…..ልክ የልቡ እንደደረሰ: : 

Reaction to Betty’s controversial appearance on the show has been swift and very angry in some parts of Ethiopia.   An opposition
party called CHEWAWA ETHIOPIA, which fields about 3 members in the Ethiopian Parliament, has called for a huge demonstration
in Addis Ababa to expose what it calls “Ye Beti የፈጠጠ Bilgina” and “የእናትዬው አጉል ክህደት” and thousands of members have signed up for it.
Teklign Aragaw, one of the residents of Addis who plans to attend the planned demonstration was upset at what he calls Betty’s
un-Ethiopian act and wants a reasonable punishment for Betty as soon as she gets back to Ethiopia. “እኔ ራሴ ካልቆነጠጥኩዋት የልቤ አይደርስልኝም!”,
he said while yawning at the same time !

Although the majority of people our reporter talked to were angry at Betty, she has a few supporters as well.  Belayneh Geletu, an
Addis Ababa University medical student, said, ” I don’t understand what the big deal is.  Oopsi doosi.  Bolt got that *****.  እኔ መሰለፍ
የምፈልገው ቤቲን ሰላም ለማለት ነው! You know what I mean?” he said winking as he was purchasing 5 kilos of chat at a local merchant.

A psychology professor  at Addis Ababa University, Alemenh Adugna, said this episode with Betty has done a huge damage to
Ethiopia’s reputation among fellow Africans who have watched the show in such huge numbers.  “I think this is going to damage
both the nation’s psyche as well as Betty’s self image as well, ” he explained.  “ለሴራሊዮን ኢትዮጲያ መስጠት ያለባት ቡና :ጤፍ : ምናምን ነው እንጂ…   ብቻ ይቅር !!”

Please note all CHEWATA stories are fictional but may involve real characters and events.  Believe at your own risk.


Afghani Lawn Mower Hires an Ethiopian Lawyer

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Afghani Lawn Mower Hires an Ethiopian Lawyer;
Lawsuit Claims that Employer Demanded “Mowing of Facial Hair”

By WT, CHEWATA’s Reporter  in Washington DC
© Copyright Ethiopis.com and CHEWATA

Ethiopian Parliament Member Proposes Ethiopian DV Program

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Ethiopian Parliament Member Proposes

DV program for people coming to Ethiopia;

Proposal is “Yesekaram Hasab”,  Analyst Says

By WT, CHEWATA’s reporter in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Copyright Ethiopis.com and CHEWATA

A member of Parliament in Ethiopia from Dessie has proposed legislation in the Ethiopian Parliament that will require Ethiopians who have changed their citizenship and want to come to enter their names in an Ethiopian DV (Diversity Visa)  lottery program at the Ethiopian Embassy located in the country they reside in order to be able to stay in Ethiopia beyond 6 months.

Ato Chane Kumelachew, speaking to CHEWATA, said people of Ethiopian origin holding passports of other countries are flocking to Ethiopia in greater numbers  than the country can handle and he was concerned that “Agerachin keWuchi ager meroachew bemetu Sewoch Chinik Nek endatel.”

“Look, because the economy is really terrible in America and Europe, these people are just bringing whatever saving they have there and buying up all businesses and houses here and Ethiopia is becoming crowded, ” he said. “Have you seen Addis Ababa lately?  It looks like the Amharic speaking sister of Calcutta, India.  Techenanekin eko!!
Under his proposal, only a limited number of people will be allowed visas to enter Ethiopia for stays of 6 months or more by winning what he calls, “The Ethiopian DV program!”.  “Just because our country is Yewotalat Chista doesn’t mean you can just buy a one way and 6 month ticket and move in with another country’s passport,” he added. He said he was angry because property value was going through the roofs and only people from America or Europe could afford to buy land and houses.  “Bene YeParlama demoz yeferese Chika bet megzat salchil enesu eyemetu fokun hul wosdew cheresut eko, ” he angrily added.

The proposal is expected not to get a majority vote  in the Ethiopian Parliament and an angry member of Parliament from Harar, Ibrahim Asnake,  said, “Chane eko America DV embi belot new bekenat endih mihonew. His legislation is surely going down.”

Two US passport holders of Ethiopian origin that CHEWATA talked  to in the Piassa area of Addis were nervous about the proposal.
“I was laid off from many jobs in America and I thought I would come and just rest here for 6 months with no problem,” said Alemneh Kassa, a US passport holder visiting Addis. “I got my first DV to America in my 8th try,” he explained.  “I know with my luck, it will take me 20  years to hit the Ethiopian DV and see my country again if this plan becomes law.  I should have kept my Ethiopian passport!”.

A political analyst at Addis Ababa University, Professor Bekele Aregay, said crazy proposals come to the Parliament sometimes but all of them fail eventually.  “Ato Chane may mean well but you know this idea won’t get traction beyond his Yetej Bet Guadegnoch,” he explained to CHEWATA.

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