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Reservation and Price Quote Form

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Get Your Price and Reservation Here * For travel TO AND FROM Africa,Europe, Asia, Australia at whole sale prices

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Since our price database is updated with the latest fares from the airlines and since price changes are made by the airlines very frquently, the best way to get the latest and most updated price for your travel plan is to fill out our simple reservation and price request form by clicking on the reservation link below.  We respond to you with price and itinerary by email within a short period of time.

Link for our quick Reservation and Price Request Form (Click Here) – Ethiopis Form 003




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Ethiopis Travel and Passport Services

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9304 Forest Ln. Suite 231, Dallas, Texas 75243- U.S.A.

(At the corner or Abrams Rd. and Forest Ln.)

Phone: 972-792-0236 Fax. 214-853-9330. Email ethiopistravel@gmail.com

EthiopiS Travel Agency offers you whole sale , agency-discounted airline ticket
prices on major carriers such as Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, Delta , KLM, Emirates, Gulf Air, United, Continental and more for travel to and
from over 200 worldwide destinations in Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, India, the Americas,
Middle East, and Asia. Our agency bulk fares will save you money over what you will get anywhere else on on the internet and your transaction is safe with us. Because we sell a lot, we get access to discounted bulk fares that you won’t find anywhere else. We have many years of experience in the travel industry to quickly give you the best travel options that will save you money and time. Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed !!
Happy Holidays !

Cheap fares TO AND FROM cities such as Cairo, Addis Ababa, Asmara,

Douala, Nairobi, Entebe, Daresaalam, Kigali, Luanda, Kinshasa, Dakar, Johannesburg,
Accra, Lagos, Khartoum, Juba, Kilimanjaro, Ndjamena, Bujumbura, Bombay, Delhi, Dubai,
Jeddah, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Rome, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Moscow,
Delhi, Istanbul, Ankara, Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, St. Pittsburgh, Sydney and more…
To get a fast prices quote along with an itinerary, simply fill out our quick and easy
reservations/price request form which is available under the menu to the left.
Since airlines offer us discounted fares and changes happen frequently,
filling out our reservation form is the most reliable way of getting our
discounted and most updated fares. We will search our database for the cheapest,
wholesale , discounted price for your trip and will respond to you within a short time.

Easy booking.  Easy Payment.  Easy Travel With EthiopiS Travel to Any Destination.

CURRENT ONGOING SPECIALS:  Lufthansa, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways
and Emirates Airlines Specials.

Ethiopis Travel has the latest Delta specials to Nairobi, Monrovia, Johannesburg and Capetown.

We have a down payment plan where you can put down only 40% of your ticket cost and pay the rest within 8 weeks. Click here for details.

Why Buy From US?  Here are some good reasons for you

DISCOUNTED PRICES . Tickets delivered to all 50 U.S. states free
of charge to customers !!


Travel within and to and rom the United States,
Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Australia.
Use our reservationform or our contact information under the
menu to the left to get your quick price quotes and reservation
details.You will save money and get an outstanding customer
service with us and that is attested to by our repeat customers.


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Benefits of buying your ticket from a human travel agent


አለም አቀፍ የጉዞ ቲኬትዎችን ከጉዞ ወኪሎች መግዛት ብዙ ጥቅሞች አሉት

* Checking international fares online to get a sense of what to expect is always a great idea, but getting your ticket from a human agent, someone you can always call back or discuss all your options with, is always a good way of arranging your travel, as opposed to buying it online from some company you may or may not be familiar with, and can’t fully discuss your options with.  When you deal with a travel agent, not only will you get competitive fares, but you will be notified of all of your benefits or drawbacks of booking your specific travel.  You will be be building a one to one human relationship with your specific agent, and should you encounter unexpected problems with your travel, calling your travel agent and finding alternatives is always much easier than doing it yourself or trying to find help from online sources.

The technology you use to check your fares online may give you what seem to be great fares but note that since it is a computer system that is searching for fares for you, it will give you what is pricing as the lowest fare and not check connection viability, visa requirements (on some connections), and other restrictions that may not at the end work out for you.  A lot of people find out the hard way or on flight date that the ticket they purchased may have  long lay overs, airport changes on transit, and baggage limits or fees that may apply, that they were not aware of or were not paying attention to at time of purchase.  We, as agents, always not only focus on what saves you money, but also that the fare we offer you has reasonable connections that work and does not have unreasonable restrictions.  We also provide you many additional services of providing you information on what you exactly need to prepare for your travel such as visa, baggage, medical test or other requirements that you need to be aware of so that you won’t have issues at the airport on flight date.

* Price quotes a human agent gives you will included all taxes and applicable fees.  Online fares at times may quote you base fares that may not include all applicable taxes and fuel charges, and may only be one directional.  Travel agents that you can talk to on the phone or reach by email will simply give you FULL information regarding cost and other matters for your travel.


* If your travel requires hotel booking we take care of it for you and we notify of anything that is important for your travel.   An agent simply makes your travel arrangements easy.


* By buying your tickets from offline travel agents, you will be helping keep small businesses stay in business as opposed to doling out your money to some giant multinational company that may or may not have your best interest at heart.  By dealing with human beings that you can talk to, you know you will have another person on the other line doing his or her best not only to close the sale but most importantly provide you the best options and prices available.

*Most airline tickets purchased from travel agents, like Ethiopis Travel,  can be modified or even refunded fully as long as it is done within 24 hours of purchasing your tickets


*We provide reliable customer service where you get to talk to an experienced agent and get an honest opinion of all your options.  We book and email you reservation details
for you to review and work with you to make any necessary changes before ticket purchase

* Ethiopis Travel allows for arrangements of payment plans if you can’t come up with the full cost of your ticket right away.

*We keep in touch with you until your trip is over and notify you of any
changes that might affect your travel.  You can also easily check the status
of your flight 24 hours a day , 7 days a week by simply coming to
www.ethiopis.com and by clicking on the “Check your flight status” link
under the menu.  All you will need will be  passenger’s last
name and reservation code we emailed to you and your current
flight status will be displayed for you.   You will need to enter
ethiopistravel@gmail.com when the system asks for your
email address.  (Do not enter your personal email address). Any
changes on your resevations (if there are any) are automatically
updated and displayed for you.

*No hidden charges from us. The price quotes you get from us
will include all applicable taxes and fuel charges unlike some internet
fares or some other agencies where you will get price quotes that don’t
include applicable fuel charges and get surprised with additional charges
at the last minute. What we tell you is the final price.  We try to provide
an honest and professional service that our clients can always count on

*Buying your tickets is very safe and easy with us. We have 5 very easy payment options to choose from (Cash, check, money order, debit or credit card)
and you choose one that is easiest for you and we take care of ticketing promptly. Your transaction is safe with us. All credit card and personal
information is destroyed once your trip is over. You can purchase
your ticket safely and quickly with us


9304 Forest Ln. Suite 231
Dallas, Texas 75243
Phone: 972-792-0236
Email: ethiopistravel@gmail.com



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